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This was yet another dream project and client to work with! The energy, drive, and passion of Amanda at the Sedona House was so inspiring. Her and her team were committed to create a space where people can access a variety of classes for the mind, body, and soul, providing a community of healing that is focused on empowering, encouraging, and promoting happiness. They have a focus on intention, client commitment, and building community. Honesty, integrity, and quality are just a few of their values.

A welcoming space to retreat, recharge and connect with other like minded people that genuinely care about the wellbeing of themselves and others. The Sedona House is an access point to self empowerment for the everyday person. This is not just a place to go but a community to be a part of. This deep dive of the brand foundation was so fun. We went with a brand style that was welcoming and empowering, timeless and authentic without being overly trendy, inspired by Sedona, AZ but not overly driven by imagery. This included delicate typography with a luxurious high-end and feminine feel, and a neutral color palette that embodied healing and tranquility, all paired with raw environmental materials and textures.

The typography was created with careful attention to detail and inspired by the Sedona landscape with movement. With a horizontal and a stacked version of the logo in the brand, we’ve ensured versatility as the business expands to look equally sharp on any kind of medium – print, web, paper, and packaging. An alternate logo with the location specific mark offers opportunities to expand the brand and also have a permanent impression that is unforgettable for each location.

The brand icon was hand illustrated with intentional symbolism. The Sedona region is culturally rich both historically and modern day with Native American influence. Their cultural impact is felt in many facets of Sedona life from their stewardship and respect for the land to their powerful ceremonies and artistic contributions. Travelers thrill to view the ancient past that is preserved on the walls of Sedona’s rocks and canyons. The sun symbol was of great importance to all of the Native American Indian tribes and was revered as the provider of light, life, growth, and direction.

We are excited to see this brand, business, and team continue to grow!

Brand Photography / Cathryn Fink Photography


Here’s what The Sedona House had to say about Little Orange Studio:

“Melanie at Little Orange Studio is an expert. There is intention behind every single element of the brand design process with your personal goals at the forefront. She has natural talent and expert knowledge to back it up. My logo is beautiful and elevates my whole business. My logo was the first element of The Sedona House that people got to see and it set the tone for what brought to life.

I have already had more success in the first month of my business since launching my new branding than I did in months and months combined prior to our rebrand. If you are looking for a designer with natural talent, education and passion, look no further. I had no idea the level of detail that goes into creating a visual presence and Melanie educated me and empowered me throughout the entire process. She will be my go-to resource for anything brand related until the end of time.”